who certified kn95 masks?

who certified kn95 masks

who certified kn95 masks?

A KN95 mask is one type of a personal filtering protection equipment that is manufactured to prevent toxic organisms and substances like viruses, bacteria, and smoke available in the air from getting into the respiratory system of a human. Their name derives from the fact that it is made from China, the latter from other continents and countries named N95 [in the U.S.], FFP2 [in Europe], P2 [in Australia], D.S. in Japan and KMOEL in Korea. These protection masks vary in their efficiency in filtering out the air particles; however, in a case of N95 and KN95, which have less similarity, filter out 95% hazardous properties in the air with 0.3 nanoparticle particles efficiently.

These masks were approved by the Food and Drug Administration [F.D.A.] after a series of laboratory tests and regulations and were deemed fit for medical purposes. The F.D.A., a company, licensed in approving medical and food companies after a Congress amendment in 1976 after its framework and regulations reviewed in the U.S. saw this type of mask fit for mass use after the following strictness tests;

Ability to filter out air particles; under a safe and strict test, the inside and outside material of the KN95 mask was tested in the laboratory. The outer material of the mask, made of a series of polymers, was a component of hydrophobic polypropylene with an intact atomic structure which enabled the filtration of a 95% particles. It was a non-oil aerosol air-type, white, and with no exhalation valve, which increased the safety of this mask. At a closer look, company manufacturing diapers in china called DaddyBaby manufacturing these masks, which tested to filter out up to 93.5% of these particles. The F.D.A. saw this to be safe for the people, especially on the recent coronaviruses’ particles.

Facial fitness; the manufacturers of the masks were required to conduct a facial fit on real humans to ensure that the mask fits well without open ventilation that could bring in air into the mask, risking infection to the human. In return, every KN95 mask is made to fit an average facial structure of a human with a nose clip adjustable beforehand. A user manual seal, too, is clipped to the mask and is required for a person to read and follow the instructions carefully to ensure the clinically approved way is worn every time.

Inhalation resistance; the KN95 masks’ resistance was relatively 343 p.a at a maximum pressure drop. This makes it easier for a person to breathe at pressure and circumstance.

By following the above requirements, the F.DA teamed up with the National for Occupational Safety and Health based on the United States, which also states that manufacturers must have the above requirements to label their masks as KN95, a few companies passed the test of manufacturing these masks. After supervision, the Fujian Pageon garments, Y.W.U. Henghao household products and Doung gua Huagang communication technology companies were licensed to manufacture the KN95 masks, just to mention a few.

The masks are approved and can be shipped across the globe and the United States for industrial and general use.

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